I'll love you for a thousand years ❤

Everything is going to be alright ❤

Hello. I'm 15. Lives in Malaysia.
Forever MINOZ. Keep dreaming and it may come true. x
"A person who keeps trying even in impossible situations is a true achiever" - Lee Hongki

A warm hello

Okay, first of all. My blog is still under 'construction' HAHAHA, got mehh?? Hmm, okay let's forget 'bout it. K, hmm. Act, I am missing someone right now. We may be apart in distance, but not in our heart. Cehh! HAHAHA, no lah. He's just in Sabah. Not far sangat pun from here. Hahaha. Hari tu, the cdg-ians went out to attend a job fair at Convention Hall. We were given untill 2pm . And we all 'jalan-jalan' all over the UK. Then, Suddenly I felt like I saw somebody. Yeahh! I met him but actually it was not him. Just look a like. And do you KNOW guys?!! I was so shocked. My heart was beating fast for a second, it was like... hmm, I dunno lah how to describe. But to be honest, I never feel like dis before. Huhu, Poor me, isnt? hahaha K lah, I think I should go. I got my works to settle up. Chios!