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Hello. I'm 15. Lives in Malaysia.
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"A person who keeps trying even in impossible situations is a true achiever" - Lee Hongki


Hmm, according to the title, mestilah pasal surah Al-Fatihah kan. Okay, someone told me bfre *forgot already who, hehehe he said that when you miss someone you love, recite him al-Fatihah. *this thang' is not for ones' who oredy passed away but also for ones' who are apart with us in a distance. Al-fatihah ialah jantung kitab suci Al-Quran. So, same goes to this saying.
We may be apart in a distance, but not in our heart
Hmm, pandai2 lah kaitkan k. Besar dah wooo. hahaha Chioss!