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Everything is going to be alright ❤

Hello. I'm 15. Lives in Malaysia.
Forever MINOZ. Keep dreaming and it may come true. x
"A person who keeps trying even in impossible situations is a true achiever" - Lee Hongki

Good night!

Hyeeeeeee! Okay, duluuuuu (a long time ago) I got into someone. I like him. One of his attractions is his dazzling + brownish eyes. Plus, he always a SWEET-talker guy. Hate it so much. Unfortunately, God already show to me that he was not my MR Right. He did something that was out of my expectation. (no need to tell lah k, he..he) Okay, We sambung cerita. He came from a nice and warm family. One thing that I will never forget about him is
Don't disturb others' privacy
And look now, everytime i feel like i want to interupt others business, my mind extremely remembering me of his
words. Hahaha, moments kan. Never hilang punya! hehe, till then, good night XOXO Loves :*