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Hello. I'm 15. Lives in Malaysia.
Forever MINOZ. Keep dreaming and it may come true. x
"A person who keeps trying even in impossible situations is a true achiever" - Lee Hongki

MR. BrunoMars

Okay, first of all, his name is E (bukan nama sbnr) HAHA Surely, I wont tell his real name. Act I dont even love him or like him pun. Tp, someone urge me to find 'someone' haha, then dlm kepala terus terbyg E. Hahaha, I'm not too obsess on him as he is a non-muslim. But for me, religion doesnt matter as bukan mau KAHWIN pun kan. Haha, then my MRS Sloo tolong me to get along with him. Malu ohh during dat time. Okay, this thing happen during last year (2012). Firstly tu he ada juga sang me a song and played me a guitar. But lama2 lepas tu, I realized that act I didnt even LOVE him. I just LIKE him. Bcs he was just like GENE PETER FERNANDES which is BRUNO MARS. They were just look alike. haha, with the 'grebo' hair. and also the talent to play guitar. and also not forgotten the sexaayyy voice. haha. AND for this year, I and him became friends. We talked like 'those' things never happen before. Hahahaha, so funny! Okay lah, I melalut too much oredy. See YAAAA!!