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Hello. I'm 15. Lives in Malaysia.
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"A person who keeps trying even in impossible situations is a true achiever" - Lee Hongki

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Assalamualaikum y'alls. Hmm. Ok, every single holidays, mesti ada ccb. hmm, it is a kind of homeworks which obtained with all the subjects. according for ur level lah. tp, dis holiday, i'm too lazy to accomplish my ccb. i dunno why. maybe one of the reasons is all of them are f4's syllabus. grrr, i'm getting older ahhh. hoho. hmm, my hopes for next year are: - i hope that i can handle everything well. I'm so worried of whats going to happen next year. Well, every year f4 will handle all the events at sch. May ALLAH ease our way. Love yaaa! xoxo