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Hello. I'm 15. Lives in Malaysia.
Forever MINOZ. Keep dreaming and it may come true. x
"A person who keeps trying even in impossible situations is a true achiever" - Lee Hongki

What say you?

Assalamualaikum y'alls. Hmm. Ok, every single holidays, mesti ada ccb. hmm, it is a kind of homeworks which obtained with all the subjects. according for ur level lah. tp, dis holiday, i'm too lazy to accomplish my ccb. i dunno why. maybe one of the reasons is all of them are f4's syllabus. grrr, i'm getting older ahhh. hoho. hmm, my hopes for next year are: - i hope that i can handle everything well. I'm so worried of whats going to happen next year. Well, every year f4 will handle all the events at sch. May ALLAH ease our way. Love yaaa! xoxo


Hmm, according to the title, mestilah pasal surah Al-Fatihah kan. Okay, someone told me bfre *forgot already who, hehehe he said that when you miss someone you love, recite him al-Fatihah. *this thang' is not for ones' who oredy passed away but also for ones' who are apart with us in a distance. Al-fatihah ialah jantung kitab suci Al-Quran. So, same goes to this saying.
We may be apart in a distance, but not in our heart
Hmm, pandai2 lah kaitkan k. Besar dah wooo. hahaha Chioss!

Good night!

Hyeeeeeee! Okay, duluuuuu (a long time ago) I got into someone. I like him. One of his attractions is his dazzling + brownish eyes. Plus, he always a SWEET-talker guy. Hate it so much. Unfortunately, God already show to me that he was not my MR Right. He did something that was out of my expectation. (no need to tell lah k, he..he) Okay, We sambung cerita. He came from a nice and warm family. One thing that I will never forget about him is
Don't disturb others' privacy
And look now, everytime i feel like i want to interupt others business, my mind extremely remembering me of his
words. Hahaha, moments kan. Never hilang punya! hehe, till then, good night XOXO Loves :*

MR. BrunoMars

Okay, first of all, his name is E (bukan nama sbnr) HAHA Surely, I wont tell his real name. Act I dont even love him or like him pun. Tp, someone urge me to find 'someone' haha, then dlm kepala terus terbyg E. Hahaha, I'm not too obsess on him as he is a non-muslim. But for me, religion doesnt matter as bukan mau KAHWIN pun kan. Haha, then my MRS Sloo tolong me to get along with him. Malu ohh during dat time. Okay, this thing happen during last year (2012). Firstly tu he ada juga sang me a song and played me a guitar. But lama2 lepas tu, I realized that act I didnt even LOVE him. I just LIKE him. Bcs he was just like GENE PETER FERNANDES which is BRUNO MARS. They were just look alike. haha, with the 'grebo' hair. and also the talent to play guitar. and also not forgotten the sexaayyy voice. haha. AND for this year, I and him became friends. We talked like 'those' things never happen before. Hahahaha, so funny! Okay lah, I melalut too much oredy. See YAAAA!!

A warm hello

Okay, first of all. My blog is still under 'construction' HAHAHA, got mehh?? Hmm, okay let's forget 'bout it. K, hmm. Act, I am missing someone right now. We may be apart in distance, but not in our heart. Cehh! HAHAHA, no lah. He's just in Sabah. Not far sangat pun from here. Hahaha. Hari tu, the cdg-ians went out to attend a job fair at Convention Hall. We were given untill 2pm . And we all 'jalan-jalan' all over the UK. Then, Suddenly I felt like I saw somebody. Yeahh! I met him but actually it was not him. Just look a like. And do you KNOW guys?!! I was so shocked. My heart was beating fast for a second, it was like... hmm, I dunno lah how to describe. But to be honest, I never feel like dis before. Huhu, Poor me, isnt? hahaha K lah, I think I should go. I got my works to settle up. Chios!


Haihhh, berkurun sudah nda update ni. First2 mmg give up, tp gagahkan diri juaaa. hohoho

I'm out of words.